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The Dime
Anyone have any clue what "Meow The.exe" does on a computer?

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No idea, but probably nothing good.

Most likely some virus or spyware.

Google searches didn't turn up anything?

No google success, although the strange nature of the name makes it difficult to search. "Meow The.exe" is nothing, but Meow The .exe provides a wonderful world of unrelated, cat happy sites.


It is spyware, download the newest Adaware or the newest Norton's Antivirus with updates on both and one, or both, should catch it. If not, delete it manually. If it says it cannot be deleted because it is in use, hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete to bring up the task manager, go to processes, and hit End Process for Meow The.exe then delete it manually.

Tricky little bugger doesn't show up in task manager. I only know it's there because programs quote it as a process that's causing an error.

Re: Spyware

Delete it then

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