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The Dime
Jon Stewart is an incredibly humorous man, and after watching the Daily Show for the past two days, he's also a pretty damn smart man. In his interview with a re-elected democrat politician last night (and if I were a better politics-follower, I would remember the name or at least the position) he made the comment that with this voter turn-out and this result, maybe the Democratic party isn't the 'party of the everyday man'. Great question, in my mind. All my life, for some reason, I've grown into the idea that the democrats are the underdogs that would emerge victorious once all the people were motivated. This wasn't the case. The country, with one of the largest voter turnouts (MN had the largest state turnout in the nation this year) elected Bush, the GOP, the current plans of action. The people want to stick it out in Irag, the people want to ban "hot man-on-man monogamy", the people want this. How can I argue with over half a nation? Maybe I need to do a little self-examination, not in my view, but my perceptions of how my views relate to the larger picture. Maybe they aren't as obvious and logical as I'd like to believe.

No game tonight, which makes me weep much much, but perhaps it's for the best, since I'm not making it past 10pm most nights this week.

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Cool things from work

One thing about working with public files is learning all the interesting names that actually exist out there. It's fascinating.

There is a woman named Cinnamin
There is a town named Vermillion
There is a street named Brutus

Re: Cool things from work

Sheeeeeit, Vermillion is Josiah's home town!

Re: Cool things from work


Re: Cool things from work

Oh no, MN. It's about 30-45 minutes away from the Cities, and only 500 people in the town. Kinda nice little spot. ::smile::

Ah.... Myhrwold... what a nice, solid, Welsh sounding name.

The act of writing a familiar word many, many time makes the familiar seem strange. In converse, the act of writing an alien word over and over in repetition makes the word familiar, like a new friend. Good ol' Myhrwold.

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