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But of course...
The Dime
It only makes sense that I would recieve a call from Corporation C (where my father works) AFTER I accept the long-term project from Agency B. Because Lord knows just one, decent job offer isn't good enough for a punk-kind like me. No, I have to have three million potential job offerings all at once after months of struggling to find something. Curse you, fates, and your weavering trickery!

Ending rant.... now.

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Citric Acid

Go for "C"!!!!!!!!!!! "B" just needs to be told you got a permanent job. Benefits, discount, great environment, etc...


end of my rant.

There is no 'job' at C right now. It would have been an interview, nothing guaranteed. I have money for November rent, and then NOTHING. I need B, even if it's temporary.

Re: Citric Acid

Do the interview at C and if you get it, then dump B. This is my last offer.

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