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From the drought comes the flood
The Dime
The Situation:

I registered with Temp Agency A last week, and hadn't heard anything. Temp Agency A knows I don't have reliable car transportation, is located downtown, would like to place me in data entry and clerical positions starting at $10/hour.

I receive a call from Temp Ageny B yesterday, saying they have a position they want to fill. It is a data entry job. I would have to register with them, go through the process of being hired at another place, but I have a promised job waiting for me. It would last from November 1st to the middle of January, and pays $11.25/hour. But it's in Bloomington, a convoluted hour bus ride, and there's not a 100% guarantee I'll get the position.

My father works at Corporation C, and has passed along a number of internal postings. They are all positions I am not currently trained for, but he assures me that if they like me, they will train me for it. Positions would be downtown (of course), well paying, and come with a Corporation C discount card. But there is an even greater chance that I will not get hired for these positions.

Temp Agency A called me 15 minutes ago to tell me they had job openings for me. A convention to work next Wednesday for $10/hour, and a three day convention the week of November 1st for $11/hour. It is not the work I asked for, but it is work. Two of the days require my presence at 6:45 am, but it is downtown. It's not as high paying or long lasting as either of my other options, but it is guaranteed if I accept. Which I have to do at 9 am this morning. And of course, there's the fact that if I refuse too many jobs from Temp Agency A, I will be removed from the active roster.

I hate this, and the only person I can talk to about this (The Boy) has no idea what I should do. I'm not grown up enough to handle decisions like this, I'm in no position to be making decisions like this, and fuck that huge part of my personality that interprets turning down a job as a reason for someone to dislike me.

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Turned down current job opportunities from Temp Agency A. Going through with Temp Agency B, and I hope to talk in great length with my father this weekend, fishing for sagely advice.


I would have taken job(s) at Agency A, since they are of a very temporary nature....told Agency B to screw off because I HATE commuting and Bloomington sucks.......and hoped for Dad's job C to come through while I was doing temporary job A. That way I at least have money coming in and am least inconvenienced.

Well, it's now too late to take up Agency A's offers, but it's not too late to cancel my appointment with Agency B.

keep the appointment with agency b - never hurts to be registered, and if you get something with dad's company, just quit the temp job.

sounds reasonable. agency A knows that the work isn't what you're looking for. before I started my job, one of the agencies I was registered with called a couple times with week-long jobs that weren't what I really wanted, just in case I wanted the money. but they were aware it wasn't what I was looking for, and didn't care that I left for job interviews a couple days.

I know one company that's looking for an office temp, but they're out in andover and hellish to bus.

for those who care...

I believe the current mood is actually:


Re: for those who care...

Not to be a COMPLETE and UTTER BITCH, but it's my mood, and I says its anxietitious. :-D

I trust that work will find you do. Perhaps there is some greater reason why it has been soo lacking. Maybe an opp is straight around the corner :-D
Best of luck and such to you regardless...having the boy is still at least one person to talk to, remember that.

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