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The Dime
I am uber-triple glad I went to the dance last night. (How's that for hyperbole, eh?) The energy was just amazing when Fish and Cole started DJing, from them, from the dancers, everywhere. And I have no doubt it's because they were mixing it live; they could feel the effect on us, react in a split second, give us more but slightly different. It wasn't the best dance I've attended in a long time just because I one best of dance. Rather, the other way around; I won because it was a kick ass dance and I couldn't stop. Sadly (on two counts) i won't be hearing a set like that any time soon. Firstly because they were live mixing, so there was no set list that I had danced soooo hard to get! Secondly, they played SONGS to dance to, not an endless stream of changed up beats with the occasional techno voice or effect like at most clubs I've been to. I want a song! I want a verse and a chorus, a break down, a swell up, an event and some change. That's what they gave me, and I am so grateful!

Today, I hurt. I trashed a bit more last night, because I traded in my standard tatters for a bit more grit.

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I'm djing again in December, and unless I get my act together, it'll be live, too. I remember I used to do all of my sets live, just to keep up with the energy of the floor.

I had a great time. Thanks.

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