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D & D & stuff
The Dime
Last night was a ball. What what what? You say Scimitar June, Foxling brat of the Druids, was invited to a high tea? Devilishly delightful! Siblings run off to the east? But of course we follow! And of course, nothing is better than a fresh episode of "hey, my hat came back to me! again!" Kudos to my GM, as well as to my fellow players. What fun!

In other D & D related news, I will now reveil my work in progress. If I had to chose one class to play over and over again in D & D, I would chose the cleric. Divinty and mythology fascinates me, and in that, I see a myriad of posibilities for clerics. I am in the process of creating a pantheon. It is huge, I realize that. It may be confusing as well. Though there is absolutely NO PRESSURE to see what I've done, I would be thrilled with any and all criticism and critiques. It is very story-based, so I don't have statistics for parties wanting to kill my gods and goddesses. But I've been working hard on this for a while now.

Livra Divine

Go to the friends page, though. It's cooler, because then you can see the icons associated with each choir. This is very much a work in progress, and feedback I get will definately influence changes and edits. But I want to stress again that if this is not your thing, if what I've got holds no interest for you, or you feel you should check it out just because I'm your friend, do not do so! If you're really my friend, you know I can't stand asking people to admire things I've made just because I made them.

Er... yeah. I think that's all. Peace out, lovelies.

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Friended. It's amazing stuff. I'd love to play in that world. And the simple beauty of Kirke in particular has snagged my attention and won't let go.

::applauds:: Wizards of the Coast should have a job for YOU too. ::grin::

Thank you very much. I have a special affinity for all the deities, but I'm quite proud of Kirke.

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