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The Dime
Recommend me some songs based on the following descriptive words:

Golden, dense, structured, and warm.

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ok, here is mine...

Peter Gabriel: "Don't Give Up" and "I Grieve." Let me know if I totally missed the mark.

Cheesy as it is, ColdPlay's "Yellow," and for warm, Freezepop's "Lazy" (because it makes me feel all warm & safe."

That's all I got right now.

I consider Sting's voice to be golden and warm, but I'm not so sure if he does anything dense or structured.

from the other side of music history

Schubert: his last piano sonata, in Bb major. Wonderful piece of music; I believe in a flippant mood one of my friends described it as being wrapped in warm flannel. His string quartets--the Emerson String Quartet has a compilation CD of all of them, I believe--are also gorgeously rich and goldeny.

Also most of Brahms' chamber music, but I'm horribly biased there because he writes such good clarinet parts. The String Quartet in A major is excellent too, though.

Deftones - Minerva

The happier songs on Smashing Pumpkins' Machina: The Machines of God

Radiohead - Planet Telex and Palo Alto

AfroCelt Sound System - Amber

Bach - The Brandenburg Concertos

the brandenbburg concertos are neither warm or golden. they are like the gum that never unsticks itself from the bottom of your shoe, keeping the violin line repeating on into eternity, and filling up your wakeful moments with it's melodies.


Perhaps that would better lend itself to the "structured." Eternity is a structure, right? Erm?

At LEAST dense. Dense?

At the very least, the four adjectives do not always lend themselves to one another. This can be tricksy.


I know, tis only an experiment. I hear the music, but cannot find it, don't even know if it exists. All I know are those four concepts.

I gave you a link! Whee!

(sorry. been watching too much Invader Zim. Doom doom DOOOOOOM!)

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