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On the first day of the rest of my life
The Dime
Macalester begins classes today, and for the first time in 19 years, I am not going back to school this fall. Instead, I have a job. (yes, yes, it only took me 3 months) Instead, I have the crippling freedom of the rest of my life. Instead, I have the fear that I'm just going to keep falling from here on out.

To those people returning to Mac classes today. I wish you the best of luck and all o' me love. Claire, Fish, Betsy, Leslie, Chris, Ariel, Lauren, Megan, Jesse just to name a few. I'm getting overly sentimental, cause I've got nothing better to do this morning. It just sucks to realize that I'm not a part of that world any more. As much as I may try to visit, stay in contact face-to-face or LJ, or even stalk a Mac student if it comes to that, I'm out of there. One day I told Cole that I was the person she became after my first-year. That Senior who was just suddenly gone. Not dead, not disappeared, but definately gone. I don't want to be.

It's hard to ask people to stop me from fading away, because one of those symptoms is the fading from people's minds.

Ignore me. I'm house-sitting for my parents during the day, I have too much time to wax poetic. Enjoy school, all ye who still grace it's halls.

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oh dear...

Obviously you can take the boy out of the hallowed halls but you can't take the drama out of the boy. *giggles* j/k It will take a while for you to acclimate, but you will do fine.

I echo this. I miss Mac tons and tons. I remember once telling Steve Burt "I miss the English department at Mac," to which he replied, "the English department misses you," which was very sweet and made me feel all significant n' stuff. I miss taking my Senior Seminar with you, Wil, I miss all sorts of things, I miss the Gamers especially.

But moving on never means forgetting, or leaving anyone behind. I will not be able to be left behind because I will cling on to everyone like a persistent FUNGUS! BOOHAH! ::grin::

Be good. I know how you feel.

one of the saddest things i realized about this year was that you would never be at the table, instead of being there every once in a while, shining like sunshine.

i'm going to quit crying now.

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