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The Dime
The LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life. It comes in several shades of yellow, a sunset captured forever.

We are now making diamonds from the bones of the dead. Every single person I know should have something to say about this, be it political, emotional, literary, scientific or just plain reactionary.

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I read about a while back.

Aside from the kitsch factor, I've got no beef.

Sweet! Takes the practice of using memento mori as jewelry to a whole new level.... And here I am writing a Victorian-type novel set in the far future. I had used the "locks of hair from the dead" locket. Now I must debate adding "with diamond created from the bones." So awesomely macabre.

memento mori... I just love the sound of that

Varying shades of yellow. Yellow?
Damn you chemistry, I really don't like that color but it turns up all the damn time. Nearly everything organic ends up yellow.
All I can think of is how the diamonds must look like they're made of bat piss. Don't ask me why bat piss is the first thing that comes to mind, it just is.

So I take it that it has something to do with the type of carbon most organics are made from?

now if only there was a way to get the souls in there as well, then we'd be set.


Yeah, I heard about this process a couple weeks back.
I kind of find it amazing. I thought at first that it would be creepy...but then again, is it creepier than say, having an urn?
I don't know if I would go with a ring, maybe a something for around my neck might be kewl..or just something to keep on display.

When you free? I am horrible for being out of touch with people as of late and we need to get together before I head out.

nah, it's just as creepy. what good does it do to keep the dead around? why not cremate and scatter the ashes where theoretically (at least) they go back into the system pretty quickly.

maybe i'm just not sentimental enough to feel that keeping a cold chunk o'death around my neck/finger is doing their memories any good. why not put 'em to some good? y'know?

My life is now eaten by the theater (funny how I've still found ways to let it do that?) This weekend is full tech, as are all evenings next week, and we open a week from today (Friday). Not to mention the job training I may or may not have to squeeze in there somewhere. You still slaving away too?

Yeah, I am slaving too often
We have to make plans to get together before the 29th of september some how, else I will be quite upset...

When I die, I'd rather be an emerald and then be stolen and sold on the black market. I want to be carried around in a velvet bag with other emeralds and examined under light by a man who smokes a cigarillo and has five o'clock shadow. I want to be purchased by a mafioso, and made into a pendant or better yet, a bracelet, for his daughter.

But I'd rather be an emerald than be sorta yellow.

I hear ya. Yellow is not so fun.

"The Gunn Emerald was supposedly last seen sometime in the mid 22nd century, adorning the wrist of Mob Princess Lucrecia Morte."

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