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Bodies of Water
The Dime
Just saw a delightful and short piece performed on Lake Calhoun shoreline. It was called Bodies of Water, a music and dance performance. It was very ecologically motivated, aimed at the damage done to lakes, rivers and the Gulf of Mexico by things such as nitrogen lawn fertilization and of course, George Bush's administration. I liked it.

Shoreline of Lake Calhoun at 33rd street
August 27, 7:30 pm
August 28, 1:30 pm

Shoreline of Lake Nokomis, north of main beach
August 28, 4:15 pm
August 29, 2:15 pm and 6:15 pm

It's free.

I also saw Judith Howard there with Ben, which I had a strong feeling would happen.

On the walk back, I passed a mother and her child, and from the mother's callings, I gather the toddler's name was "Malachi".