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Patrick's Cabaret
The Dime
My first post-college performance work is over. Just a few recaps:

1 person came to see me in particular over two nights. That person is my boyfriend.
1 person offered to be my big sister.
I met 2 Mac alums, neither theater graduates. One is the artistic director of Patrick's Cabaret.
I made $60 as my cut of the door.
Amy, our volunteer tech, has earned about 100 cool points by now.
9 queer boys presenting, and I was the youngest one. Discussions had by other performers made me quite aware of this.
2 very uncomfortable moments when I think old men were hitting on me.
2 people who said they would come and didn't... Amulet had an excuse and called me about it. Beth didn't.

All in all, a very good experience right out of college, and I hope that sometime in the future, you all enjoy and support Patrick's Cabaret.