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The Dime
There are four new video games in the apartment. I'd say by BF is a bad influence, except that he bought Siren for himself.

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siren is a game of pain, torment, and shoo-shoos.

on the other hand, you get the biggest sense of "yay!" after spending the 40 hours or so completing it. and not getting the rockstar ending.

but for the best thing ever, when you get the old man with a rifle, and you're most likely going to die (or nothing can hear you) "shout!". he has the best dirty old man "hey..." ever.

and what are the other three?

Cheap oldies for Zach: Dark Cloud, Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts

dark cloud rocks my socks. i actually just saw the end of the game, after playing it up to the final dungeon. it is pretty spiffy.

haven't played either of the others, but they still sound funfun. from what i've heard, and such. games, yay!

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