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The Dime
Alright, big shifts in the production I'm in. The director/writer/lead/band member/set designer/TD has stepped down as everything except band member and possibly lead. This has created a unique brand of chaos within each member, some of it being selfish snubbery and some of it being queenly drama. Paulino has stepped in as director of sorts, and the show is continuing on. It's very strange, though, to say the least, and while I can respect the director's reasons, I think he set himself up for this situation to begin with.

So the part of the lead is up in the air, as is the position of stage manager/light board op, as the girl who is slated to do this has not been in contact with anyone since leaving for New York in July. (She is supposed to get back at the end of August, but honestly, it's anyone's guess.) The position would not require the person to be at rehearsals every night, and would include a small (trust me, small) stipend for the work. It is not a guaranteed open position, either. Interested? Just want to know more? Contact Paulino at:

Ask me anything you like.

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Tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a car? Tell me more, tell me more, didja get very far?

Paulino is the one to contact, really. I have only base information. Stage management is not used in the same way it was at Mac, or is at other places, as it's a 'collective' work. It's more like taking care of preshow work and such.

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