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Maybe it's just a quirk of mine
The Dime
But I think 'Lady Foot Locker' is the most fucking hilarious name for a store ever. I make myself laugh out loud just thinking about it. Put it in any other context and see for yourself.

Lady Arby's
Lady Wal-mart
Lady Breadsmith
Lady Apple Store

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(Deleted comment)
Some people are also on fire.

Or should be.

I'm just sayin' is all.

I love Lady Arby's. Their watercress sandwiches are to die for.

Lady Arby's?!? ROFLMAO!!

I feel moved to contribute:

Lady Dick's
Lady BJ's Club

On the issue of redundancy:

Lady JoAnn's Fabrics
Lady Victoria's Secret

A little more redundancy

Lady Hooters

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