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Three things
The Dime
I dreamt I witnessed a Theogony, the birth of the gods and the setting of a Way Things Are. Sometimes I was a part of it, but those few times felt like I was a possessing spirit rather than a God. The power was divided as a piece of bread, and the jackal/mule god secured his piece by first urinating on it. The Theogony eventually faded away before I could learn their secrets, and I was at Cole's apartment, which was filled with large dice, cats, and shattered glass from her boyfriend, whom I have never met.

Andy has a friend, who may be considered a friend of mine as well at this point. But last night she said that she hates the Jewish faith. She will not attend a friend's wedding because it will be held in a synagogue. Every Easter she hates the Jewish faith even more. She has no problems with religions that "do not worship Christ", except for Judaism. Because 'they killed Christ' and 'they don't think they did anything wrong'. I nearly ripped into her. I could already hear my yelling voice coming into play. I had to change the topic of conversation before I did something harmful, most likely emotionally. It got me so upset, though. Truth be told, arguing wasn't/isn't ever going to change her mind, so it was even smarter that I didn't rise to the ignorant, biased, fanatical, and illogical argument she had, nor the wholes. It just infuriated me.

I have Dark Cloud now. Bought it for $8 used at a Game Stop. See, waiting makes it worth it!

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