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The Dime
I came to the realization last night that in my world, passion is to be admired, but passion without intellect is useless. Drive without thought, courage without wisdom. I find it aggrivating and unrealistic when a hero wins on pure idealistic passion. Have some brains, for God's sake.

As always, this is how I feel now, and maybe tomorrow I will have a break through, realizing that this isn't at all why I got so angry at parts of Brazil.

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Brazil. . . . Brazil?

I can remember it's something I should remember, and I keep thinking it's a play, but all my brain is coming up with is "The Boys of Brazil," which can't be right at all.
I'm turning forgetful and crotchety in my old age.

Also, I miss you.
Funny how I didn't notice that 'til I was out of college, even though I'm not seeing you *that* much less now than senior year. Probably because I have the time to notice how much I like and miss all my tangential friends (the people I always wanted to get to know better and spend more time with but never could find enough time for)

so now that the jena-thing (littlestyo) has a button maker, i am on the lookout for button slogans.

1) Intellectually Drop-Dead Gorgeous
2) Have some brains, for God's sake.
3) Braaaaaaains!
4) Sweet Zombie Jesus!

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