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The Dime
I did Something, today, and in the Act of Something, Things happen.

I walked around Lake of the Isles again today, as I did with Amulet last night. I brought my new camera with me, and gave myself an assignment. At every bench I came across, I had to stop and take a picture, involving the bench in some way. I'm not saying that they are very good pictures. But an assignment like that is a way to teach myself, to explore, and to so Something.

I found a book on one of the benches. Iconography, left there with an inscription in the front. It was meant for anyone to pick up and read.

I am happy with myself.

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Have any free time to hang out someday soon...with your acting job and all that comign up, I can understand that time will be tough :-D

What's your Monday like?

So far, I am thinking that it is free!
But, I will feed you more details as the day approaches, cause my work likes to spring new schedules on me without much notice.
Else, ROCK!

that's so cool! i'm glad the random book-gift trend is continuing. It'd started happening before we all moved out of that area, and now it's what...five months later? and still going on? People are cool.

Umm, I know you're not a bird freak like me, but Lake of the Isles is really good wildlife-spotting-in-the-city at night. I like watching muskrats swim in the dark, and we saw night herons once too, as well as tons of other birds during the day.

Dragonflies, too. Beautiful blue-black ones. One landed on the exact same reed two days in a row.

I think damselflies (like dragonflies but smaller) are my favorite bug. Their colors are more intense than reality really calls for, I think, and that's just cool. They're at LotI too.

Hello. This is Lysander from Gamers Ex. Adding in livejournal, if you don't mind.

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