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The Dime
It may have been for the SNES. But can anyone really argue that Chrono Trigger was among the best, if not the best, Console RPG? Seriously, put down the PS2 controller, ignore the Xbox for a second and shut down the GameCube. Think back to Chrono Trigger. The characters, the plot, the subquests and the thousand endings. The distinct graphics, which I don't think are all that 'dated', or the music, which still strikes a chord in me.

I think a small part of me compares every new console RPG to Chrono Trigger still.

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While Chrono Trigger has a lot going for it in terms of unique battle systems and handling of the whole time-shift thing, I couldn't feel anything for the characters and spent a lot of time not knowing where I was supposed to go next in the game. I didn't get into it, but I recognize that lots of people did.

::finds something sturdy to hide behind::

Oddly enough, I'm only familiar with the music.

I may have to fire up an emulator and give it a go.

Because I was the person with the Genesis and NOT the SNES, I never played Crono Trigger. BUT! Since Sam is so frickin' awesome he lent me the PSOne remake, so GLEEE I'ma play it soon. But yeah.

I'm with you on the idea that RPGs aren't what they were. They're going through a BIG period of change now - I'd say they're at the forefront of changing how people look at videogames, and the first ones to the experiment room in terms of altering the linearity of a story (especially Square/"Japanese" RPGs, with the ginormous stories and the hey-hey, whereas older "American" RPGs are way more open-ended but not nearly as articulated and awesome) - and I can only hope that what comes out of all this is somehow even BETTER than what went in. Not so sure on some counts, though: at the E3 this year there were a lot of RPGs, but - get this - all the combat was real-time. Even Final Fantasy XII. ::sigh::

Anyhow. Back when I was still working at GameStop, I was yearning for some good RPG action, and realized that there really weren't any around (I should note that our store was out of Disgaea, and La Pucelle: Tactics hadn't come out yet). Then I went on a PSX RPG buying frenzy - I now own Breath of Fire IV, Jade Cocoon, Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy VII and IX, and have my eye on a few more. PLUS. For some reason - that is BEYOND AWESOME - Nintendo is creating a bunch of RPGs for the GameBoy Advance, AND re-releasing a bunch as well, such as the first 2 Final Fantasy games, Shining Force, and (I currently own it and everythang!) Lunar: Legend.

In short: yay, RPGs.

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