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The Dime
My 22nd birthday was quite honestly one of the best birthdays I've ever had, from waking up until falling asleep. (The day after was a little shakey, but that's the price you pay.) I had a fabulous time at home during the day with my family, in which my mother, no doubt starting to feel some separation anxiety over her eldest being officially moved out, put together an incredible meal. That, and I just love being around my father's side of the family. Andy got off work early, we went to the Independant where the following people came to help celebrate my birthday: Chris Garza, Chris Morris, Steph Shipman, Amber Brown, Kristin Larsen, Claire Dawson, Amanda Friou, Heather Bunch, Lauren Dobbins Webb, Rick Wojahn and his boy. I was loud, I was drunk, I told everyone how much I love them in what was described as 'the real reason we came, Zach, just to be told we're loved.'

It was pretty much my theater crowd, which made for a good time, but which also means I have somehow managed to go even longer without seeing my Gamer friends and you crazy Misc. (No, it's cool, I'd love to be a Misc.) There is Julia's wedding, though, which will have a nicer concentration methinks.

Job hunt still sucking, although I do have an audition out there right now, waiting for a call. I worked a one-day job last week for an elderly woman setting up her own wedding and reception. And I think, tentatively, that I will be in Patrick's Cabaret for the Gay Boy show August 20 and 21.

I think that's all. I'm trying to shake my no-job funk and get back to life.


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