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10 statements
The Dime
Instructions: Write one statement each to 10 people on your LJ friends list. Don't tell which one is for who. But if you guess right, you get a point. I have 40 people on my friends list. Go!

1. I worry that I did not help you like I thought I would, but rather made it all more complicated and hurtful for you in the future. I'm sorry about that.

2. When you walked in that door, I suddenly realized just how small this friggin' world is. At least among gamers.

3. You are so much of what I want to be, 100% concentrated and alive.

4. Because of the order of things, Peter Harle reminds me of you, instead of the other way around.

5. I bet you had a good idea of how much I admired you, and still do, even if I haven't heard from you in ages.

6. I never got to know you like you deserve to be known.

7. I'm sorry, but I really have no idea where you came from. I'm sure there was a womb involved, possibly some schoolin', but beyond that? No, I don't know you, and didn't know you, and there's no reason to be offended by that.

8. I was jealous of you, and intimidated by you. Not a hard thing to do, mind you, but still.

9. At times I felt like your Big Brother Gamer. At times I felt like a student hungry at your feet. (Then there are the times I felt like your Big Sister Gamer.)

10. You'd better believe I'd still do you! ;)

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Oooooooooo, so close, so close.

Concentrated? Scatterbrained is more like it.

10 is not gunn, sorry, try again. (She is deliciously doable, but 10 was aimed at someone else.)

Well, I am not sure anymore :'(
Though, I don't even know if I am on the list at all...
Anyways, I am gonna try and get to your bday lush fest, however I get off work at earliest 9:30ish and I am in south st. paul, but I will try my best.
If not,
Happy Birthday! And I hope that it will be fun (and I hope I can be present).
And, we should get together soon there after before the wedding trip :-D

i'm guessing four is fishfish. but you know? that's just cause you say "peter harley" and that's the first name that pops in my head.

but? these things terrify me. just cause of the overt "you know, but you don't know" quality.

fish is not number four, but thanks for playing!

Do you feel that this meme is selfish in some sense? A way of saying things without saying names, of playing it safe while pretending you're not? Like a passive-aggresive-fest? Just wondering, cause I kinda agree, despite my participation in it all.

iwouldn't say selfish, but untryingly hurtful. i would agree with passive agressive, but not always.

*sigh* i guess i have a problem with telling people what you think of them, but then not actually telling them that it IS them. there is also the inclusionary/exclusionary nature of only picking a portion of your friends list, and such. i think that the things that this listing is designed to be able to write, are not the things people should be guessing if you are talking about them.

i am stil thinking about doing it, because it seems intersting, but i can't get past the whole "it is to easy to be hurtful, without trying or real cause" design of the whole thing. not that i think you have been hurtful, but that the portential is so startlingly there.

and on a little note, it bothers me to try and figure out if anyone is talking about me, because i hate thinking something is me without it being, and then the whole "well, they didn't have anything to say about me" niggling in the back of my head, that plagues me more in the summer than at other times.

yeah. i think that is it. on a bright note? i just got season six of buffy. shiny shiny.

Yeah. One has to wonder "am I on that list?" If it's obvious you are you feel mebbe weird, if not maybe left out, or something. But I have to concede to the compelling nature of the meme. I might do such, if I could actually do one for EVERY PERSON on my friends list (which would be 50+). But then I might merely tell them in person, or e-mail them, or I dunno.

It prompts questions. I'm just sayin' is all.

And, ::poke:: ::grin:: ::hug:: ::darts away::

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