The Alphabet Witch (wilowisp) wrote,
The Alphabet Witch


I've just read all 8 parts of Neil Gaiman's Marvel Comic Special, 1602. Damn. The man is brilliant, can I just say that? The reinvisioning of Marvel 60's characters, they way he so skillfully knew the whole story from the very beginning. I read it through twice, actually, and caught so much more the second time. I also really appreciate the communcal aspect of the 'saving the world' deal. No one person saves the day. Without any of them, it would not have happened, and that was constructed it a very true, very solid way. I think back to reading that Neil Gaiman wrote Sandman in a series of stories, male stories and female stories, and how female stories tended to be more communal, less pure happy ending and less straight forward. Not sure how I would classify 1602
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