The Alphabet Witch (wilowisp) wrote,
The Alphabet Witch

My funeral will be mine.

You will be asked to Not Dress for a funeral, but to Dress for My Funeral. You must come pretty, in a way that makes you feel gorgeous, delicious and different.

You will drink. I don't care if it is hard liquor, malt beverages, raspberry lemonade or bottled water, but I want drinks everywhere, all the time. I will not have a thirsty service.

You will not sit in silence. You will dance.

You may grieve as much as you like, but if you do not laugh at least once, measures will be taken.

There will not be rows of chairs, but circles.

The setting will have flowers; cala lillies, stargazer lillies, irises. I need only a few for myself by that point, so you will take them and share them, spread the petals everywhere, dress yourselves in them.

Cremate me.
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