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The Dime
Alright, who's all going to Julia's wedding? Rick, Miranda? Let me know, cause if you two are heading out from the Twin Cities, I wanna go with you!

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I am heading out for the wedding and I am going with adam, as seems to be the plan at the moment.

As for miranda, good luck contacting her. Asif has been stressing big time about trying to contact her just for rent.

This of course implies that I will ask adam if he is willing to grab an extra body on his way down
I think Elias might be joining up in our vehicle as well...though, I don't know if we are going early or not, since Adam has fam down there that he is wanting to visit too.
But I shall check on that and keep you informed :-)

back in sorta contact.

if yas need, i gots me a van and i'm hauling char, will, cooper and jake. if the adam ride doesn't pan out, gimme a call.

I'm still hoping to ride with Adam, but I haven't checked in with him since school ended. Need to do that.

He actually told me about I think that he still has you on the list to go. But, if I chat with him tonight I will double check for you, check for zach.
Though, I don't know about the leaving dates, as it depends on his job.

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