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Done, but somehow not quite
The Dime
I'm graduated... yet somehow, this time, this graduation, I don't feel like I've done anything special. I showed up, I did my thing. No biggie. Yet something is supposed to have changed. It's so strange.

And yet despite this huge event being over, I'm still in a sense of limbo. Moving in with the Uptown Boy on Wednesday, so i'm still in a state of transition. I know I'm going to struggle heavily in creating my new space, my new life, my new structure. (And fortunately, with the ridiculous gifting of my family, the struggle won't be totally financial based for the time being) But once I get into the Uptown place, at least then I have a stable location to grow from again.

Pssst... thank you Betsy, for the dice! I love them! And I hope you enjoyed the Buffy... I got Season Five as a grad gift.

I also spent an hour or so helping Rick pack stuff. And I thought I was a messy person! Yeesh! (Love ya, Rick)

I'm not crying as much as I should, because again, I don't feel like I've done anything. There was no crash, no boom. A vast majority of my friends are going to be around for anywhere from a week to years. It's not the end of everything, though I will miss it an incredible amount.

Good-bye Macalester, for now.

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There are no happy endings, because nothing ends.

My grandma was so impressed by you...she told my sis to go to school and meet you, cause she thought that you would make a great match for my sis...
My sis then came up to me and asked, "so what's up with this zach?" I replied, "he's gay." She then uttered, "Figures."

and the btw bit...

sorry about the condom on the floor :-[

It wasn't used or fact, it was snapped at me when I got mono as a warning for my lack of condom usage.

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