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Not what I expected at all
The Dime
Looking back on my expectations today. What it meant to me, as a first year, to be a senior. I thought my life would end up more like Cole, Steph and Janine's. Not sure what that means, but I definately feel that my life as a Mac Senior is different than my perception of it all of 4 years ago. Of course, 4 years ago, being a Senior was something very far removed, with a long trail of experience leading up to it. And it's only natural that those 4 years took me someplace very different. Still, it's so strange, to look back at what I thought being a Senior would be like, and what it actually is.

This year's mask class will be out and performing today from 2:30 to 4:15ish at the campus center. If you are out and about, we're ready for you. I have breasts. Don't try to touch them.