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My top four heart-wernching moments
The Dime
On Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, presented in the form of the quote most essential to that moment. Identify these scenes and win a free innate supernatural ability!

1. "Your shirt..."
2. "Mom... mommy?"
3. "Close your eyes"
4. "Upstairs"

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1. Faith and Buffy, in a shared dream near the end of Season 3 (before Buffy stabs her with the knife the Mayor gave her)
2. Finding Joyce in "The Body", from Season 5
3. Final episode of Season 2, right before Buffy stabs Angel and sends him to Hell.
4. No idea.

Re: Doc's best guesses

1. Shit, you're right! It's there too! But the moment I was referring to is a different one. Way to go Joss. He re-used a lot of lines in very poignant ways in later seasons. (Evil Willow used parlance we first heard from Vampire Willow.)

2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *cries, weeps, dies*

3. Did anyone not cry at this point?

4. It wasn't so much spoken as written.

1. Buffy says this to Angel like every other episode in Season 1. It's rough to do, without more to go on. And unfortunately, most of my shirt references are used up on Xander, and his fashion sense (or lack thereof). I think Cordie tells him as much about every other episode.
2. He did it again in Angel - in "Shells". The bastard! I envy his ability to portray grief, but it also tears you up inside, you know?
3. Stupid people, I bet. I cried like a baby, as is right and proper.
4. I haven't seen Seasons 6 (at all) or 7 (only some). My best guess would have to do with "The Gift", in some way.

Re: Doc's best guesses

Well, since 1-3 have been identified already...

4. The note that sadistic freak Angel leaves for Giles to find in his apartment that makes him think Jenny is upstairs waiting for a romantic evening, when in fact she's dead on his bed.

Re: Doc's best guesses

Yep! God, so, so heart-wrenching!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Doc's best guesses

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

You're my friend now, too!

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