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The Dime
With the blessings from two of three fairy godmothers (Argyle and Paisley), Eve is marked as charmed in the City of Origin. But Eve's connection with the city is strong, as is her love of her home in the sprawling urban forest. With her eyes suddenly opened, Eve is pushed into a dangerous second world, one in which she carries a dangerous weight as a pontentate to become the City's Metromancer.

Is the word Metromancer too dumb?

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I'd say it's a little off. I understand what you're getting at but I can't put my finger on a better word at the moment. Everything I try to put together with "urban" makes her sound like some sort of Pot Shaman. Hmm.

What's wrong with being a pot shaman? *giggles*

You could go with Polisurgist, which is Greek for "city magus".

"Polis" and "urgist"?
Or "Poli" and "surgist"?

The first. Polis, like metropolis. Urg, like theurgy or thaumaturgy. (Or dramaturgy, for that matter.)

But that's so... old school.

There's always Urbanomancer(like in Unknown Armies), if she's going to be a spell-casting bad-ass mama-jama, drawing her power directly from the city without the middle-men that are spirits. Urban shaman if she's going to commune with the spirits of the city.

Old school? Explain.

Idea is closer to Urban shaman, but that just seems to bland a phrase, and forgive the comment, but common. There is only one "word in debate" per city, and the city itself has to recognize her.

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