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Playwright Kia Corthron...
The Dime
...is the love child of Harry Waters Jr and Abra. I realize that I'm perhaps one of two people who will understand what this means.

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And I'm not one of them. Explicate?

Imagine crossing yourself with a 50 year old Black man actor with dreds, possible ADD, the energy of a 20 year old and the penchant for tangents. Kia had some of your facial features, facial gestures, body carriage, vocal inflections, intelligence about her writing.

Now I want to see this woman. You've roused my curiosity, and everybody knows to let sleeping curiousity (if Abra's) lie.

Aaaaahhh! Scary!

And yet, quite intriguing.

And yes, I believe you are the only other person to understand what I mean.

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