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Mud, River, Stone
The Dime
The set just about killed us, and many details were left out, but Rapunzel's Senior Project in Set Design is up, with actors in Amulet's Senior Project in Costume Design. The show is good, I've heard, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm going with my parents and my boy on Saturday. If you do go, (which would be nice, it's only two hours) be sure to check out my personal contribution to the set: the set of curvy stairs. Except for a few odd processes, I made them by myself. Go me.

In other news, still sick, maybe on the mend, who knows?

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Trying my best to make it look great for you guys. And thanks - because it's so, so beautiful.

I know you are, babe. Tis much appreciated. Rock on with our... *sigh* one weekend run...

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