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A bunch o' stuff
The Dime
My life is on the verge of making sense, trying to cull an order out of the muck of the first week of school. To find a balance between law and chaos, you've got to have an appreciation of both, find the holes in the structure, find the patterns in the random.

Devils are the incarnation of Lawful Evil
Demons, Chaotic Evil
Archons, Lawful Good
Guardinals, Neutral Good
Eladrin, Chaotic Good
What about the other four? What are the beings of pure Law, of pure Evil?

Wanna work on my game, wanna game, play, play, play, but it's time to work, work, work my fingers down until I'm too exhausted to know what's happening next.

Has anyone ever played M.B. by Apocalyptica at a dance before? I like it. Rock.

Last night's Silken Phoenix was good, I enjoyed, loved the Japanese woman poet, dressed in white like a ghost. Loved the Korean woman poet, such an attitude! Loved the Chinese woman poet, her whole story told just through the progression of her poems.

The end!!!

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