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The Five Trees
The Dime
The Elizabeth Tree:
Stately and proud, this tree has granted the right to rule since awakening with the return of the Sidhe. It stands in the yards of Caer Llwyr, the freehold from which Countess Rebekah ap Fiona rules the County. In the mortal realm, it is a tall Oak on the grounds of Sommerset Manor, a historical mansion converted into a public art gallery.

The Gregory Tree:
Threatened by development during the Interregnum, the commoners of the County fought on behalf of the sleeping tree. The commoner Changeling community developed around it, and with the return of the Sidhe, it remained the only tree in commoner control, deep inside Neon Alley. In the mortal realm, it is a Black Elder tree in the West Plaza, very close to the Commongrounds Coffee House, one of the more visible places of power for the commoner faction.

The Vega Tree:
Halfway up the cliffsides of Krigden grows a very small but tenacious Silver Fir. It is reachable only through a series of caves in the cliffside, the largest of which is the freehold of Bluedoor, ruled by Lady Clarice ap Gwydion. Mortals know the freehold as the Bluedoor Nightclub. This is the freehold that is to be turned over to commoner control, as per the treaty agreed upon, in writing, by both sides.

The Bianca Tree:
The freehold that the commoners originally petioned for in the treay, Biblio is the home of the delicate Yew tree. It is cared for by Lord Eisley ap Eiluned, who in the mortal world is the head librarian of the West Krigden Public Library.

The Cyndel Tree:
Somewhere in the Isles of Rain is a majestic Willow known as the Cyndel Tree. To mortals, the Isles are a few tiny islands in the Schildkrote River. Within the Dreaming, the Isles number in the hundreds, all cloaked in the soothing mist of the Spinning Turtle River. The Cyndel Tree exists only in the Dreaming now; no part of it has been found in the mortal isles. The Tree bears no freehold, and the treay will protect this, giving over the care of the tree to the White Grass Motley, a community of changeling healers based in the northern woodlands. Provided the tree will let them find it.

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::eyes grow wide::

Woooooooo. I wish I could be joining this.


Hoo arr, hoo arr, Annie likes her treesies... hoo arr...

Incredible icon!

Heh. Thanks! If you like that, you should see the others I came up with.

HeehEEEEE! ::bounds away::

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