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The Dime
The boy and I have returned from the frozen North. Um... that's about it, actually. Good time, worth the 3.5 hour drive up there. Saw much of the Angel, caroused with her friends a bit. I'm not looking forward much to the half-start of spring semester next week. (Work and dance rehearsals start, only thing that's missing is the actual class time.) So... bye!

Oh, and those interested in the Changeling Game should let their presence be known.

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Me letting my presence be known.

Re: Consider this...

Presence noted! 16th, you said?

Yeah. Tomorrow, that is. :-)

also interested? but slightly curious about when you are planning to play (like how many times a month, and so forth) and when you want to start. my schedual may be a bit funky this semester (though i know you and the theatre prolly got me beat) and i don't want to say yes and then poop out on you.

anywho, yeah. i saw something beautiful today and thought of you. it was blue and green and feathery and was sitting on a window sill. i'm not sure what it was, but yeah. the end.

Concern much appreciated! I hadn't actually considered a schedule yet, cause I don't know for sure who's playing. Every two weeks seems to work well, with a bit of flexibility, does that sound okay?

that should be ok. and i would love to play, but if you end up having too many people to do comfortably, i'm more than willing ot just track you down and make you tell me stories about it.

and, by the by, is there any song i could play in febuary that would make you stop by the dance? i know it's valentines day, but i'm more than willing to bribe at this point, if it means you'll come for a bit. *smerk*

I got your message, but I didn't actually get your number because my cell is stupid. But we should do something! I want to see you!

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