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The Dime
I decided, last night, as I was drifting to sleep, that I would dress my mother in blue and white. Dark blues, not quite navy, and light blues and soft blues and pure, crisp white.

I would dress my father in maroon and dark brown, slightly muted and matte. A few accents of gold here and there.

I would dress my brother in khaki brown and bright colors. Hunter orange and vibrant blue, or hot red and yellow. No more than two of the bright ones, even though the khaki would tone him down.

I would dress my Baba in red and black. She would have to have a hat.

I would dress my Dede in the dryest earth tones I could find, earth green and brown and yellow and clay-red.

I would dress the Angel in cremes and beiges, off-whites leaning towards savory brown. (I'm thinking of vanilla) She would have a necklace with a pendant of some deep rich color, like a sapphire, or an emerald.

I would dress myself in blacks and blues and greens, vibrant hues and trimmings of silver.

I couldn't say what I would dress my boy in. I so rarely see him in anything but black. So I asked him last night, did he love the color black, or was it just the easiest color for him to wear? He said he didn't feel good when he didn't wear black, occupational hazards (hair dye) and something else that wasn't said. Now my mind is reaching out to wonder; in what color do I want to dress my boy?


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