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Decision Made, Let's Go
The Dime

Abernathy College Department of Dramatic Arts Presents

A Midsummer Night’s Eve

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Marie Knode

All of the upcoming semester will be dedicated to bringing this masterpiece to life on the Henry P. Outterfeld main stage. It promises to be a magical, wondrous and exciting occasion, and the Department of Dramatic Arts wants you to be involved! We need actors, dancers, stage crew and more! Both the scene and costume shops would love your help, little to no experience required! We also need on additional assistant stage manager. Because of the scope of this project, you may be eligible to receive course credit for your participation! Please, come join us for what may be the single most amazing event to hit Abernathy College!

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Abernathy College and the city of Krigden sit proudly in the County of the Five Trees, a County that has not known lasting peace since the return of the Sidhe. But that true peace seems in sight with the ascension of one Rebekah ap Fiona to the title of Countess. She has spear-headed a peace initiative, with no small resistance on either side. Finally, it seems that a treaty has been reached, to be officiated by the Midsummer Project. Noble and common factions have both pooled their energies into the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Abernathy College. If it succeeds, the explosion of Glamour will appease both sides, and infuse the treaty with the full weight of the Dreaming. If it fails… well, no one really wants to discuss that outcome. Yet it is a possibility, especially with the animosity still felt by individuals of both factions, a history of warfare mistrust, and of course, the over-reaching enthusiasm of Marie Knode, the unenchanted mortal director with ideas much larger than they are possible. Despite all this, the play must succeed, or the backlash will be devastating to all, noble and commoner, Seelie and Unseelie, in the Dreaming and without.

Players are to create characters that are students at Abernathy College and will become involved in the production in some capacity. (Acting, stage crew, construction, etc.) Characters do not have to be virtuosos in their field, and in fact, is it encouraged that the character have some diversity. Who knows what skills may come in handy? However, there will be auditions for actors, and characters in other fields should have a few qualities that will make them competent. Even freshman students are quickly aware of the schism between commoner and fae; as such, each character should have very clear opinions of either side, and most will fall into one camp or the other. Unless it is absolutely necessary (ie a concept cool beyond cool), characters are standard European kiths, starting stats, and no legends.

More information will be posted, but any questions thus far? I have books for those who need, I am available for those who want.

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I'm assuming you want to see the Corebook... I also have the Player's Handbook, if you'd like, and Inanimae: The Secret Way, if nothing else then for an interesting read. Should I just drop them by your place?


You should see Fuddy Meers with me. I have comps. It will be wunnerful and then you can tell me more about what's going on and I can borrow books from ya.

Sounds good. When is good for you? My weekday nights are mostly free, as are my weekends. J-term and all... I'm such a spoiled college student.

When I get up there, we'll see about that, hm? I'm coming back the 16th.

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