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Four Days
The Dime
So, Big Fish, a round of the naughty, a bout of illness, a call to the doctor's, 8 hours of FFX-2, one canceled check account, one DMG purchase, 3 episodes of Futurama, 3 episodes of Family Guy, two shots of Nyquil, a Chorus Line, one shattered glass candle holder, three band-aids for my foot, a frustrated silence about money, a cardboard pizza, two trips to Target to foil their return policies, a vaccuum cleaner, Shrek, a Venetian Lemonade and two appetizers at Figlio's, five Happy New Year kisses, another bout of illness (for him this time), a call to my parents, two calls to his jobs, a turkey dinner with the family, a run to Best Buy with my brother, an extended version of Two Towers, an in-movie discussion with my mother comparing LotR with WWII (she's a smart, smart woman), a sack full of frozen meats, two more rounds of the naughty, another 4 hours of FFX-2, two burned CDs of Dead Can Dance, 4 episoes of Buffy Season 2, and a good-bye kiss later...



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