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The Dime
This is a cutesy, romantic Christmas story about me and my boy.

He comes to pick me up last night. We are going out drinking with some of his friends from the salon. On the way to the jeep, he asks me what I'm doing tomorrow morning. I reply, "Waking up with you." He smiles. Then, he continues. "My mom told me that my grandma doesn't have anything up for Christmas at her house. No decorations, nothing. She asked me to go over there tomorrow morning and decorate the tree with her. Do you want to come with?" I smile. I say yes, of course, what a cute couple-y thing for two gay boys to do. He bought decorations during the day, and they're all now packed in the back seat.

We go to Champps, I drink an Amaretto sour far too quickly. 30 seconds, I think? It doesn't affect me like alcohol usually does, which is fine by me. I spend sometime talking with my boyfriend's friends, trying to fit in, trying to not be the shy, introverted boy I usually am around them. Eventually, the night comes to a close and we head back to his place.

As we park in the garage, he grabs the decorations. "Why not leave them til tomorrow?" I oh-so-brilliantly suggest. He says he wants to put the hooks on the ornaments tonight. Strage, but I let him grab them, innocently. We head up to the apartment. I walk in the door, peel off my shoes and look into the darkened living room.

There's a tree there, standing to the side. I realize what's going on before he even says "We're not going to my grandma's."

This morning we decorated the tree with the silver glass spheres and small, white lights. We listened to Children of Eden, ate french vanilla pierouettes, and took many pauses to just lean back in each other's arms and realize that this was really happening. Sharing Christmas with each other.

The moral of the story? I am very, very guilable. Thank you for reading to the end, for whatever reason you may have.

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*in complete sincerity, with happy teary eyes...*

awwwww.....that's so wonderful.

the end.

Re: *in complete sincerity, with happy teary eyes...*

Thank you, very much

Sounds like you got a good one.

Well, at least a good one for me. Thanks.

::hug:: That's beyond sweet. I'm so happy you've got someone so wonderful - you deserve every great thing. ::smile::

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