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An Evening of New Work
The Dime
Readings of three new plays by Macalester students

The High Cost of Scattered Light
By Zach Nelson

The No Hope Trilogy
By Margot Newkirk

Amatuer Pussy Elite
By Ben Sachs

7:00 pm, Tuesday, December 16th
Black Box Theater

A brief discussion of each piece will follow the reading, moderated by Melanie Marnich

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I despise Ben Sachs!


Fucker Ditched Fish And Me On A French Skit!
The One He Chose.
And The One Where I Had The Most Lines And Fish Barely Had Any!
Sounds Like The Perfect Play, When He Had Ten Times Fish's Lines.


Don't know him at all... Though I'm starting to very strongly despise him too. Everyone is free to leave after any piece, so if you come, leave after Margot's. I hear Ben Sachs is pretentious and bad.

Figures! The pretentious pig can't even digress from his personality type enough to write something that is stretching his emotive capacity.

What times again?

I'm at 7, Margot should be around 8 (God, I'm long-winded) and Ben should be around 8:45.

ditto! he is a sniveling weasel boy!

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