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The Dime
I am a writer. As such, I save EVERYTHING I write, either in an ambiguious box now stored above my bed (where Ian once slept) or on my hard drive. Tonight I went through all my downtimes for both LARP characters, all the small stories that were working to become a whole, an arc, an actual tale. Moebius I was somewhat melancholy for. October made me sadder. So much there that was just building and never became anything. His story wasn't over, was barely begun.

The frightening thing about going through October's stuff is I can see character development. I didn't methodically plan it, it just occured. It read like a story. He's in me, he is. And now me thinks he wants the attention again.

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(Deleted comment)
No no, Ian, it is you who must get on the rockin'. That ambiguious box is barely half the roommate that you were!

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