The Alphabet Witch (wilowisp) wrote,
The Alphabet Witch

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List of things to do

Crew the Rover, create Search Candidate surveys with Ariel, begin new student rep voting process in the department, get Beth's signature for registration, pick up that pic in the student center everyone's telling me about, mail bills, clean room, tweak a play, read King Lear, find dancers for my Spring Concert Trio, "adjust my THEATER major" at the registrar, call my parents, call my aunt, see if Tom will lend out a scenic fireplace, work work work, attend meetings, plot out a final performance piece for the ART SLAM, organize a staged reading of my play, get critiqued by Becky for having 'ideas that are too big', pick a goddamn third class for next semeseter, attend the Zenon dance concert, strike the Rover, keep everyone happy.

But I finished my Senior Project.
I got an A.

Now, where to start...
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