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The Dime
Women and snakes, coiling up the brain, completely and utterly in love, can I do that? Please? Write something brilliant and beautiful and fun and engrossing? Eve, the original woman who still talks to the snake, Aevah, the Cretan priestess of a snake cult, Fanny Lou the snake dancer, Evie wife to a pastor of snake handlers. Love it, love it, love it! Sometimes I'm sad when all my theater training taints my mind towards analysis rather than enjoyment, but nothing was lost in this case. I want to sit down with that script and write paper after paper about it. I want to talk about it for hours, I want to rub it all over my skin and thank Beth profusely for telling me about it.

I only wish I had gone sooner, so I could better encourage all of you to go see Slither at the Minneapolis Theater Garage, the final presentation of Eye of the Storm Theater. But it closes tonight, final performance at seven. It was brilliant.



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