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Riddle me this...
The Dime
Once there was a very mad king, who ruled over a very corrupt kingdom. One day it came to be that a dragon rampaged across the northern farmlands of the kingdom. The very mad king immediately called for knights to slay the beast, and offered a great reward for any who could do so. However, the very mad king had offered a very mad reward, and no knight would risk his or her life for such a gift. The king died, the dragon continued to rampage the north, and no one cared much.

Then, a bold and reckless knight charged forth against the dragon, smiting it fiercely. He returned triumphant to the palace, demanding his reward. The steward in charge of the kingdom smiled and ushered the knight in.

"You must take all off the reward or nothing," he warned the knight, who agreed whole-heartedly, eager to hear of his spoils. "The late king dictated that anyone who slayed the northern dragon should have half of his daughter and his kingdom's hand in marriage." The steward sneered happily as the knight left the palace, befuddled and confused.

Must the knight leave empty handed?