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What I wrote today
The Dime
A tittering hush fell across the shimmering room, the gentle rustle of wings and dresses the only background noise, and even that sounded like orchestrated music. Princess Starlight Gossamer Rosemagic smiled broadly at the audience, a thousand perfect faces that glowed like morning dew drops. She smiled, pearly teeth chiming against her own sculpted face. Over a hundred pairs of jeweled eyes watched her, and elfin ears of delicate make waited for her words. Starlight Gossamer Rosemagic put her Sceptre of Ruby Wonder and Teatime on the podium, and took a deep breath.

"My beloved sisters, welcome to this gathering, the Four Hundred and Twenty-Second Moonglow Secret Crown Party of the Fairy Princess and Magic Ballerina Association!" Her voice sang these words like crystal honeywine, and the response was an overwhelming hum of 'here, here!' and 'hoorah!'. Starlight Gossamer Rosemagic raised a hand garbed in bubble-prism silk, asking her audience to calm themselves. Golden dust was filling the air, charging the room with laughter-magic-dreams. "Of course, this year we also welcome a sister chapter, the Forlorn Countesses of Unicorn Pixie Palace." There was another smattering of applause as grinning faces turned to the small collection of Countesses together. The applause was returned with much enthusiasm. Again, Starlight Gossamer Rosemagic raised a hand, and the fairy princesses, magic ballerinas and forlorn countesses calmed themselves again.

"All year long, we have the burden of being beautiful, magical and elegant creatures, inspiring small children, especially little girls, to dream of beautiful things and be good to puppies and kitties," she said with a cute look of severity to her face. The shimmering gems on her forehead and cheeks resonated with the truth of the words. "This is not an easy tasks, as we are all well aware. I see Princess Strawberry Malibu Sunbeam agrees with me." There was much good-natured laughter with the named Princess, who had stood tall and cheered her agreement. Giggling at herself, Strawberry Malibu Sunbeam sat down again.

"As I was saying, our task is not easy. So every year we gather once, all together, to celebrate our hard work. With all our sisters here in the Rainbow Sparkle Hotel in Vegas, we can now start what we can here to do." She pulled the bottle of rum from behind the podium and took a long swig. "Drink till we’re shit faced and snort cocaine off the bodies of shirtless male strippers!" The crowd went wild, and from three directions, doors opened, admitting Vegas’ finest male whores with bottles of hard, hard liquor and Columbia’s hottest goods.

"Well!" was all Corey said, looking over his roommate’s shoulder onto the computer screen. "Writer’s block?"he accurately guessed with too much of a smug chuckle for Thomas' liking.

"Go to hell," Thomas glowered, both at Corey and at the drivel he had just pounded onto the screen. "And while you’re there, fuck off." There was a headache growing at the base of his skull, threatening to creep up the back and take the rest of his head by surprise.

"Oh, but I'm dying to know what's going to happen next to the Fairy Princesses!" Corey teased, full of flair and dramatic gesture. Thomas just looked at him from over the rim of his glasses, and it succeeded in stopping the boy cold. "Geez, sorry." He left quickly, still unfamiliar with Thomas' moods. Eric had been so much better.

He sighed, and filed the story somewhere deep in his hard drive.

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