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Season of Silence
The Dime
It's not about the snow on the ground. It's about the snowfall. It's losing all sense of time, of place, of sound in the surreal beauty of falling snow. I am in a different place, can't reach me at all. Fingertips itch with stories, mouth curls to grin with secret contentment. The perfect morning for creation, simple and undressed, on couch with pencil and paper, all day for living. He called me this morning to say he loved me, because it was snowing.

Then I managed to staple my foot, but that's another story all together.

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The Word of the Day for November 2 is:

vicarious \vye-KAIR-ee-us\ adjective
1 : acting for another
2 : done or suffered by one person on behalf of another or
*3 : experienced or realized through imaginative or
sympathetic participation in the experience of another

Example sentence:
Armchair travelers receive much vicarious pleasure through
reading about other people's journeys to far-off lands.

Did you know?
If you act in someone's _stead_, you take his or her place,
at least temporarily. The oldest meaning of "vicarious," which
was first recorded in 1637, is "serving in someone or
something's stead." The word "vicarious" derives from the Latin
noun "vicis," which means "change," "alternation,"
or "stead." "Vicis" is also the source of the English
prefix "vice-" (as in "vice president"), meaning "one that takes
the place of."

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

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