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The Dime
A note to everyone: I am back and alive, but thoroughly exhausted by my summer. I have a lot of shit to get together still, rehearsals to start soon, and lots of people to reconnect with. Please bear with me, and maybe help me out a little by understanding? Right now I'm resting at Andy's new place in Uptown. A dangerous move, because my boy did something charateristically impulsive and bought a horrible new distraction for the two of us... *sigh* It never ends. I love you all.

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if you want some low-key Uptown hanging out with kittens (I mean real kittens, the furry purry chasing-toys kind), let me or Stacy know :) -- 823-2327.


It's Lora from TLHD. Just thought I would say hi and hope you are all recovered from the summer. You can add my journal if you want but I don't update much. :)

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