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Ready to move on
The Dime
My final project in the costume shop is completed, and I am more than satisfied with it. Very excited to show it off. Most of my stuff is packed. The blue car is here for me. Final bonfire tonight. Had our final dinner. We still have to close up the costume shop, pack the SCU truck when it gets here tomorrow and unload it in St. Cloud, but that's really nothing when I think about it.

Maybe I'm a tad wistful. But it is good to be going. It's a pretty kind of sad in the air around here tonight.

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two things-

User pic rocks!

Reply to this the moment you see it, so that we can get together!


No prob!
Get home tomorrow and try and make it to the party at Devin's, if it is still going on!
It is around 5ish or something.
You will have to check Fish's journal for more details, as I am not sure right now.
But, you should go!!!

Get me your phone number and I will contact you asap!

The details from Fish's lj

this is your mission, should you choose to accept it.
we are having a party at abaddonx99's on wednesday night.
there will be video games. movies. ddr. anything else you like.
bring fun things!

all are invited. no one will be turned away.

some soda and snacks will be provided.
contributions and cash-money for more supplies will be accepted.
bring your own alcohol if you want it. that's not really my schtick.

i can have a decent music set-up if people want a dance-type-thing.
most of you have seen or heard tell of my speakers.

there will be some planning for fun this year in mgs, so bring fresh ideas to the table.

madness will ensue. but it will be a good kind of madness.
we start early for those who have early-thursday-morning commitments.

email us at the accounts listed on our info pages, or email my/abaddon's mac account FOR DIRECTONS.

Getting off work around 3 - 3:30...I'll see if you have responded by then. Ciao!

If you get this, you have to call devin.
I am not sure of the number at his place.
But yeah.
Anyways, yes...if you can get out there on your own or something...
It is down st. clair from mac, towards kowalskis. Get to the bridge take the first left after the bridge and you should be able to find the house on your right. It is like the 2nd or third house.
OK<>...I am going to stop...cause you promised to be in and you aren't and now I am having a one-way conversation!
Else, tell me when you are free!

Might be dev's #


I think that that is right.
You best call it if you get in tonight and can come or something.

Rick, I am home, and have been since yesterday afternoon. I dropped off my stuff, ate dinner with my folks and have been with Andy ever since. I doubt I can make it to Devin's party, as I will have no transportation. Sorry that I went incommunicado again. My cell phone number will be sent to the garden of earthly delights now, if you want to try and call me tonight (Wednesday, August 13) Otherwise... tomorrow evening maybe? Or this new Friday night Tea thingie Susan is posting about?

So much to say... haven't seen you in forever. Don't fret, we'll get this worked out.

Rick's flipping out. He's acting about as gay as I've ever seen him right now.

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