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Curious Evolution
The Dime
An actor eventually becomes interested in directing. The dancer will desire to choreograph his/her own dances. The techie develops an eye for design. So I suppose it is only natural that the gamer eventually becomes interested in GMing their own game.

Yes, I fit into several of the above categories. Yes, I am a shy person with low self-confidence. As such, I am making a wide, curious request/offer. Basically, I am wondering if any one out there reading this is going to begin running a game soon, and would be interested in having an assistant/intern type person helping out. I know, I know, I'm really odd for asking this, but I'd rather help someone who knows what they're doing first than just leap right in.

Simple recap: Looking for a GM to take me on as an apprentice for one game sometime in the next few years. My schedule tends to be a bit tight, but I'm willing to crunch my time and willing to learn any system. I'm currently somewhat versed in D&D 3rd ed., and the White Wolf system in general (Vampire and Changeling in specific).

*shrugs* I figured I'd give it a shot. Especially with the LARP ending.

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Wow, Zach running a 3rd ed game someday... sheeeit, I wish I could be in it! That would be a super-badass game, think I ::grin:: Best of luck in your apprenticeship - I think that's a very clever move.

I would like to offer, dark sun, but I couldn't in good consious, until I've run a game in actuality. If you're still looking for someone, and my game has been running well for a while, I'll let you help if you still want.

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