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The Doll-makers
The Dime
In the fading days of the Golden Kingdom, Faith was left in the gutters and the alleys. People treasured wealth, power, material and earthly things. It was among the lower classes that Faith remained alive. Most of them were illiterate, and so told their stories of the old gods through puppets and dolls. The upper classes mocked them, calling their gods nothing more than stuffed idols. Doll-maker became a derogatory term for the lowest of the low; the servants who still believed in the divine.

Then the Messiah came the first time, and chaos broke free. According to current Doll-maker lore, the Messiah was cared for in his/her final days by servants, naturally. He/she blessed all that came, and blessed the Faith they still carried. One of the servants, Orris, asked the Messiah that his people be freed from servitude. The Messiah agreed, on behalf of their Faith, but warned them that in breaking these bonds, they would be too free, and could never again settle down. Orris agreed, the Messiah died, and the Golden Kingdom fell. The Doll-makers today are the ancestors of the servants who survived the great destructions. They wander the lands, heading always westward, never settling as they promised to do. They still make dolls to reenact the stories of the Messiah, and the stories even older than the Messiah's coming.

Among the Churches of today, the Doll-makers are the only ones who make claim to the Golden Kingdom, even if it is rarely of their own accord. Most other Churches view them as remnents of the Kingdom that murdered the Messiah, and refuse to acknowledge their own ancestry in that age. The term Doll-maker, once a derogatory term for the Faithful, has become name for a people marked as heathens and worshippers of foul spirits, captured in their dolls. The other Churches believe the Doll-makers betrayed the Messiah up to death, save the Amaegi, who do not recognize the Messiah at all. Doll-makers are rarely welcome any where.


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I will tell you right now, that someday I may have questions, but right now I just think it's a beautiful thing.

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