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L'Homme Deiu Schedule (I think...)
The Dime
Annie -
June 18-22
June 25-29

Talley's Folly -
July 2-6

Plaza Suite -
July 9-13
July 16-20

Rainmaker -
July 23-27

Born Yesterday -
July 30-Aug 3
Aug 6-10

Now to dredge up the e-mails of everyone who wanted to know, even if I think half of them were just polite conversational slips.

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where's the theater again?

I'm so arranging a trip of all the gamers to Annie. :-P

Theatre L'Homme Dieu is up in Alexandria, Minnesota, approximately 130 miles north on 94. This is far away, and I realize this. I can give more explicit directions for anyone still interested.

Well, let's see here...

I-94 north to Alexandria. Turn right onto the Alexandria exit, which should put you on Hwy 29 running north. I guess this is also Broadway. 29 turns to the right on 3rd street and then left (north) again at the first traffic light. This is Nokomis, and still Hwy 29. Then you hit a fork in the road. Take the left path, which is Hwy 42. Travel a few miles alond Lake L'Homme Dieu and turn righ (east) onto Hwy 20. The theatre is a few hundred feet on the left.

Eep! Good luck to everyone, including myself!

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