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Snippet: Temporalysis
The Dime
"We're just like ghosts, you see," she said, taking another drink of what Kiera assumed by the smell to be an intoxicant. "We've been recycled through the timeline so often that we've all potency. All vitality. But for whatever reason, it won't let us go."

"It?" Keira asked, resisting the urge to grab the bottle from her hands and toss it into the river.

"Time itself," she responded with a grin, seemingly happy to continue to confuse Keira.

"Time is a force. It isn't capable of making decisions," Keira tried to reason, but it only made the other woman chuckle.

"Time is just a series of decisions! Time is a decision made self-aware!" One more long pull on the bottle. "And it decided that it wanted to keep us around, as empty shells. Unable to make an impact, doomed to only watch the endless permutations that she puts us all through. Temporal ghosts."

"But you're interacting with me," Keira returned. "You're having an impact on me, and that's going to change my decisions. I'm going to do things now that I might not have done if we hadn't spoken."

The look she gave Keira then was filled with eons more sorrow than comprehensible. "No, you won't. That's the trick of it all, something we've seen a thousand times over. Either circumstance will somehow wipe all relevance of this interaction from your mind, or lend support to any actions you take because of it. We'll have accomplished nothing. Again. For the thousandth time. And Mother will continue to refine and tweak her precious continuum, hoping to wrangle time into the outcome she wants, and we'll be talking to some slightly different you again before we know it."


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