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Long Overdue
I did not reach my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I am rather disappointed in myself. I was off to a very solid start and then... it died. A few days in which I simply could not find the time or the words then turned into a death of momentum, and stillness. It has translated even beyond April, for we are well into May now, when I should have returned to this journal for every day musings and the capture of wisps of authorship.

There are reasons I could give for the failure. The adoption process is moving forward quite quickly now, and we are in the stage where at any moment, we could make a match and be planning for a child as a reality, not a possibility. Integrating Salvador into our home has changed schedules and attitudes, particularly mine. Work is still very good, but incredibly busy - whereas in some past jobs, I could usually carve out a little time for the simple administrative tasks of life, I find that I am constantly at task when I am in the office.

All of these are not excuses, though. All of these are facts of life, things that I have to adjust to, things that I had hoped my goal for the year would help me adapt around so that I could still create in the best way I know how. I recognize this as a failure, but the trick is not letting myself off the hook even still. Get back to the task, get back to the writing. So you took a month off? So what? Every day I write is still better than a day when I don't.